BBC Documentary

Last week the BBC screened two programmes about sexual abuse in the Church of England, focusing first on the former bishop, Peter Ball, and then on other abusers. The programmes outlined not only the abuse, but also the failures by some in authority to report relevant information which effectively protected the abusers. The documentary exposed … Continue reading BBC Documentary


A few months ago, the National Safeguarding Steering Group, who oversee the Church’s safeguarding work, proposed the establishment of an ombudsman service for safeguarding complaints. The National Safeguarding Panel were consulted and felt that this would not resolve significant problems with the current complaints processes. The National Safeguarding Steering Group subsequently agreed that there needed … Continue reading Complaints

Focus on prevention

The first National Safeguarding Panel after the summer was the last meeting for Graham Tilby, the National Safeguarding Advisor, who is leaving for a new post in local government, and the first for Melissa Caslake in her new job as Director of Safeguarding. Sir Roger Singleton, who has been Interim Director of Safeguarding, will be … Continue reading Focus on prevention

Safeguarding and the Clergy Discipline Measure

The National Safeguarding Panel recently considered the Clergy Discipline Measure in relation to safeguarding. In May a lawyer with experience in the measure gave a detailed presentation about the process. Following this, the June meeting had an in-depth discussion on whether the measure is fit for purpose. To take better account of safeguarding the measure … Continue reading Safeguarding and the Clergy Discipline Measure

My First Synod

Last week I spent a day at the Church of England Synod. It was the first time I had attended a Synod. The order paper was incomprehensible, with references to draft amending canons, amendments and even a draft amending canon for revision, although later debates, such as one on homelessness, were more accessible. I enjoyed … Continue reading My First Synod