The National Safeguarding Panel wanted to understand its impact on safeguarding policies and practices in the church and was conscious that it had been operating the same model of scrutiny since 2019. Consequently, the Panel undertook a survey of those who attended the Panel during 2022 and those within the Church involved with the Panel’s … Continue reading REVIEW TIME


Introduction This report covers the work of the National Safeguarding Panel during the calendar year 2022. The Panel continued to adapt both to the Covid 19 pandemic and the excessive summer heat, holding hybrid meetings throughout the year. In September the Panel held its second annual series of webinars. The Panel continues to scrutinise one … Continue reading ANNUAL REPORT 2022 NATIONAL SAFEGUARDING PANEL

Consultation on Learning Lessons Case Reviews

In addition to our scrutiny meetings, from time to time the National Safeguarding Panel meet members of the National Safeguarding Team to take part in consultations on new or revised policies and procedures. Recently we discussed the draft guidance on Learning Lessons Case Reviews. These reviews are commissioned by the Church, dioceses or nationally, to … Continue reading Consultation on Learning Lessons Case Reviews

Publication of Past Cases Review 2

On October 5th the Church of England published its summary report of the Past Cases Review that has taken place over the last three years. The project, begun in 2019, has been scrutinised twice by the National Safeguarding Panel, first in October 2020 and again in December 2021 Background In May 2007, the … Continue reading Publication of Past Cases Review 2

Assessing and managing risk

The last meeting of the National Safeguarding Panel considered various issues around safeguarding risks. The risk assessment process is included in Practice Guidance developed by the National Safeguarding Team: ‘Responding to, assessing, and managing safeguarding concerns or allegations against church officers.’ The management of safeguarding risks and the use of risk assessments feature significantly in … Continue reading Assessing and managing risk

Interim Support Scheme

At its last meeting the National Safeguarding Panel scrutinised the Interim Support Scheme. The Panel questioned: Simon Stanley, Development Manager, Redress SchemeAlvin Lee, Secretary and Adviser to the Independent Support SchemeSue Monckton-Rickett, Chair of the Interim Support Scheme PanelPhil Johnson, Member of the Interim Support Scheme Panel The Archbishops Council established the Interim Support Scheme … Continue reading Interim Support Scheme